Xenserver之Xenserver 6忘记root密码重置方法


I am not encouraging hacking, but that physical interaction with the XenServer in question and altering the boot to "linux single user mode" is the last solution to this problem.  To do this, one will need have/understand:

  • Physical Access, iLO, iDRAC, etc
  • A rebooted of the XenServer in question will be required

With disclaimers aside I now highly recommend reading and reviewing the steps outlined below before going through the motions.

Some steps are time sensitive, so being prepared is merely a part of the overall pla.

  1. After gaining physical or iLO/iDRAC access to the XenServer in question, reboot it!  With iLO and iDRAC, there are options to hard or soft reset a system and either option is fine.
  2. Burn the following image into your mind for after the server reboots and runs through hardware BIOS/POST tests, you will see the following for 5 seconds (or so):
    Xenserver之Xenserver 6忘记root密码重置方法
  3. Immediately grab the keyboard and enter the following:
    menu.c32 (press enter)

    Xenserver之Xenserver 6忘记root密码重置方法

  4. The menu.c32 boot prompt will appear and again, you will only have 5 or so seconds to select the "XE" entry and pressing tab to edit boot options:
    Xenserver之Xenserver 6忘记root密码重置方法
  5. Now, at the bottom of the screen one will see the boot entry information.  Don't worry, you have time so make sure it is similar to the following:
    Xenserver之Xenserver 6忘记root密码重置方法
  6. Near the end of the, one should see "console=tty0 quiet vga=785 splash quiet": replace "quiet vga=785 splash" with "linux single".  More specifically - without the quotes - such as:
    linux single

    Xenserver之Xenserver 6忘记root密码重置方法

  7. With that completed, simply press enter as to boot into Linux's single user mode.  You should eventually be dropped into a command line prompt (as illustrated below):
    Xenserver之Xenserver 6忘记root密码重置方法
  8. Finally, we can reset the root password to something one can remember by executing the Linux command:

    Xenserver之Xenserver 6忘记root密码重置方法

  9. When prompted, enter the new root user password: you will be asked to verify it and upon success you should see the following:
    Xenserver之Xenserver 6忘记root密码重置方法
  10. Now, enter the following command to reboot the XenServer in question:
  11. Obviously, this will reboot the XenServer as illustrated below:
    Xenserver之Xenserver 6忘记root密码重置方法
  12. Let the system fully reboot and present the xsconsole.  To verify that the new password has taken affect, select "Local Command Shell" from xsconsole.  This will require you to authenticate as the root user:
    Xenserver之Xenserver 6忘记root密码重置方法
  13. If successful you will be dropped to the local command shell and this also means you can reconnect and manage this XenServer via XenCenter with the new root password!
    Xenserver之Xenserver 6忘记root密码重置方法
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